Intel 8085 Microprocessor Simulator
Download 8085 Microprocessor Simulator Program (156KB)
How to use 8085 simulator (pdf)
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This program is free to use. It was developed by undergarduate students as part of their class project in 1998. It has been thoroughly tested for correctness. The program was developed using Turbo C++ for Dos and runs fine on Dos and all versions of Windows. This site distributes this program as is and takes no responsibility for support or further development of this program. If you are interested in more information on this program, please mail

This site is an experimental site. It has been hosted for free on this domain. If you have reached this site then it is by accident only and it is not intended for public. This program will be available on its own site along with C++ Code for free. If any one is interested in rewriting this program in Java, Visual Basic (VB), dot net (.net), Visual C++, C# (C Sharp) or any other platform please feel free to do so. This program may be rewritten as an Applet for direct online use. The proram is simple short and easy to understand. It can be easily translated to C++, VB Visual Basic, Visual C++, DOT NET (.net), C sharp (C#), Java or Java Applets. Career and Jobs @ Monster, Dice and Hot Jobs